Welcome | Preston Wingrove, FEA Alumnus

Master of Ceremonies | Brandon Rivera, Cole Conservatory of Music

Mixed Media | Carla Sramek

Film & Electronic Arts

Steven Spielberg and the Return to Film School* | Joshua Hoh

*1st place, CSU Media Arts Festival

Immaterial | Edmund Chau Chua

Down Under | Gabrielle Garcia & Diana Banh

Death Instincts | Tim Kranyak

Funky at Heart | Brenna Dayley 

Phobia | Jamie Perez

Waking Up | Makena Adams

Transcendence | Manny Aguile

Withering | Manny Aguile

Cole Conservatory of Music

Candlelight | by James LaPiana 

Liz Queen - Voice, Taylor Chan - Piano

Don’t Give Up Dear Friend | by Liz Queen 

Liz Queen - Ukelele and Voice

The Fireplace | by James LaPiana

Liz Queen - Voice, James LaPiana - Guitar