Photos from the CMR September 10th, 2019 Pop-Up!

Hi all! Cameron from CMR here.

We had an amazing show at Wahoo’s Fish Taco in Los Alamitos this past September 10th. Though not all artists were able to make it, I’d daresay the night was success. Milan’s music was exciting, it was a blast to watch the films, and the food was oh so delicious. Seriously, if you haven’t been to Wahoo’s, do yourself a favor and check ‘em out. And if you have been, give them a review on Yelp and show some appreciation!

I want to thank our featured artist Milan, everyone who is on the CMR team, all people involved with the films we screened, the great folks at Wahoo’s, and of course, everyone who was able to make it that night.

By the way, I’d especially like to thank Carla Sramek, who makes all this possible. Seeing the artwork she has created and some of her upcoming work (stay tuned!) inspired me to finish a film I’d been working on and show it at the event.

In this post are some photos taken by the wonderful Lea Vujicich (Website Here).

And some relevant links to the artists:

Talïn Tanielian - Jinja

Hunter Woelfle - Ludilophobia

Cameron Colon - Curtis Comes Home

Joshua Hoh - Ash’s Homecoming

Here’s to future CMR pop-ups!




September CMR at Wahoo's!

Hi everyone!

We’re having another event on Sep. 10th at Wahoo’s Fish Taco (10931 Los Alamitos Blvd, Los Alamitos, CA 90720). It will be our first at this venue and we hope you all enjoy the show as much as we enjoy putting it together. Come on out for tacos, drinks, and a little something we call “appreciation of the arts.”


Scaled CMR Wahoos Flyer (2).png
CMR Wahoo's Program Blue.png



Photos from the CMR May 15, 2019 Pop-Event

Hi everyone!

Cameron from Carla’s Movie Restaurant here. We have some photos from a very fun night of films at DiPiazza, located on PCH here in Long Beach, California.

I’d like to thank all filmmakers and lovers of film who came to our little shindig. Not only did the creators of these fine films come and speak with us, but I spotted plenty of cast and crew in the audience as well. Because of you all, we were able to fill the entire restaurant and make this one of the biggest events in the history of CMR!

I’d also like to thank Lea Vujicich for snapping these pics. And The Blazers for rocking hard. Oh yeah, and a shoutout to Talin whose film Jinja was accepted at the LA Film Awards Official Selection!

Included are some links relevant to the artists:

Dominic Hure - The Adventures of Cowman and Lamboy

Ben Winter - It Can Happen Here

Bishop Rhone - For The First Time

Talïn Tanielian - Jinja

Jack E. Curenton - Generations, Rebellion, and Like My Father Before Me

Lea Vujicich - Photographer